3 Sections Laundry Basket Hamper Sorte

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Organize laundry effectively and save time with our 3 Sections Laundry Basket Hamper Sorter. With 3 dividing sections, your clothes will be ready to wash in their appropriate load (white, dark, or colored) – avoid messy piling and mixing of clothes in one basket.

It’s easy to transport with its drawstring attached to the top. Made from a durable material, it can easily hold 2 loads of standard laundry per section. The aluminum frame can be easily assembled and disassembled. The cloth bags are also detachable for easy storage and versatility.

  • Effective setup before washing: By keeping your clothes in their appropriate section, our sorting hamper will ensure that your dirty clothes is always ready for laundry without the hassle of separating by color.
  • Large capacity: Each laundry bag can hold up to 2 standard size loads of laundry – avoid doing laundry more frequently than necessary!
  • Highly portable: Features a mesh drawstring top with a locking clasp that helps you pile and carry laundry. The velcro straps are easy to put on and take off.
  • Durable and lightweight: Made from assembled aluminum frame and sturdy fabric, it is designed to be lightweight and durable.
  • Easy, compact storage: Engineered with X-shape support that facilitates folding when not in use. It can be easily stored under the bed or inside your closet.







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3 Sections Laundry Basket Hamper Sorte
$59.99 $44.99
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