Bell + Howell Taclight Lantern Portable LED Collapsible Camping and Outdoor Torch

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  • Twice as bright as an ordinary lantern
  • Collapses smaller than a smart phone
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Fill an entire room with light
  • Can be seen 2 nautical miles away
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures

The Size of Your Smartphone

We made our TacLantern collapsable so you can adjust the lighting to the level you desire and collapse it closed to easily take along with you wherever you go. When closed, it is almost the height of a standard smartphone!

Works Underwater

No water damage can be done to our TacLight Lantern! It’s water- proof and lights up even when fully submerged in water. Great to use when fishing, camping or swimming near water. No more having to worry about mistakenly getting your lantern wet, it will hold up just fine!

Works in Ice

Icy weather has nothing against our TacLantern! It can withstand sub zero temperatures making it your go to lantern for ski trips, mountain hikes and even when shoveling snow outside your home. Even when frozen in a block of ice, our TacLantern was still shining as bright as ever while other lanterns would freeze or crack.

Works on Fire

We wanted to see just how much heat our TacLight Lantern can withstand so we threw it in a real campfire to see if it will still work and it did! The TacLantern will be your perfect companion for camping and dessert trips. Won’t burn even in prolonged heat exposure or in a fire.

Great for All This and More. The Uses Are Endless!

Power Outages

When the power is down- only the TacLantern can light up an entire room with it’s super powerful COB LED’s. It’s self standing so you can place it anywhere and watch it glow. No need to worry about the bulb burning out- it’s guaranteed to last up to 100,000 hours- giving you an endless abundance of light. Adjustable lighting levels let you use in in your room too as a reading light!

Camping + Hunting

When camping, the TacLight Lantern will suit all your camping needs. Even if near a scorching campfire (typical campfires are just over 1,000 degrees!), The TacLight Lantern won’t melt or burn out. Even in prolonged exposure to the beating sun- The TacLight Lantern stays just fine!


For any trips out at sea, trust the TacLight Lantern to be your guide. Whether it be signaling to other boats or if you need help form someone at shore- the TacLight Lantern can be seen from up to 2 nautical miles away! Be safe on dry and wet land with the TacLight Lantern!

Mechanic Work

Fixing up your car in the garage? Doing some woodwork or scrapbooking? The TacLight Lantern helps illuminate your way so you can see tiny details and work to precision. It’s self- standing, so you can place it anywhere in the room to make it brighter. It’s convenient handles allow it to hang from anywhere so you can always use it ‘hands- free’.



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Bell + Howell Taclight Lantern Portable LED Collapsible Camping and Outdoor Torch
$66.00 $49.99
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