Better Brella Reverse Open Upside Down Umbrella

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  • We turned the traditional umbrella upside down, and inside out
  • Easier to use and much more practical
  • Super simple to get in and out without getting wet
  • It makes a waterproof cone when closed — all the wetness stays inside, not on your floor
  • Wind proof

Better Brella Opens & Closes Differently

Get in and out of any door without getting wet!

Better Brella is the only Umbrella out there that utilizes “Reverse-Open Technology” – so you can get in & out of any door, without getting wet!

Better Brella closes on the reverse side, creating a Water-Proof Cone to enclose the wet surface, locking in all the moisture for later disposal. This unique closing mechanism comes in handy when entering cars or moving indoors, as it prevents all the droplets from spilling all over your floor, or yourself

Style and Comfort comes hand to hand with Better Brella. You have a classic-designed umbrella with a unique feature for added functionality and great, all-around usage. Comfort is noted in the soft, gentle texture of the handle that feels perfect to the touch, and the cumbersome rods are embedded in between layers accidental hair entanglements are completely eliminated.






We thought umbrella rods are cumbersome and a source of inconvenience, so we further reinforced Better Brella by giving it a Double-Layer Canopy, and embedded the metal red in between those layers, to double its durability and to improve the comfort experience. Our wind-proof feature means that our umbrella can be used under the harshest of conditions, and the Extra-Wide Brim protects you from getting wet.

And Its Easy… One might think that the Unique Reverse-Open Technology renders the umbrella harder to open and close – well it not! It opens and closes just like other products, BUT JUST MORE CONVENIENT!


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Better Brella Reverse Open Upside Down Umbrella
$53.99 $39.99
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