CPAP Machine Cleaner & Sanitizer

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About This Item:

• Works w/All PAP Masks, Nasal Pillows, Tubing & Reservoirs

• Single Purchase for Home & Travel

• No Adapters, Filters or Recurring Costs

• Use to Disinfect other Items (No Rubber or Nylon)

Clean in few easy steps.

Nasal Interface and Headset, Tubing and empty Water Reservoir “Ready” to be cleaned.

Optionally, the machine may also be cleaned. Simply unplug, remove and empty reservoir and place in bag with other gear (fits easily). We recommend doing this upfront with older machines and then every 3 or 4 weeks, inline with machine filter replacement.

Step 2

Place sleep equipment in bag, activate respify by pressing button, before placing in bag with gear.

Step 3

Seal and that’s it. Go on with your day, while Respify’s Active Air cleanses even the most difficult to reach areas, leaving you with fresh gear.

What About the CPAP Machine?

Because many CPAP Cleaners terminate on the “Machine,” many consumers naturally assume the end goal is to “clean the machine.”  In reality they terminate on the reservoir or outlet, to sanitize the reservoir.

The downside to this approach in our opinion, is that the CPAP Machine warranty may become compromised.


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CPAP Machine Cleaner & Sanitizer
$129.99 $97.99
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