Dent Repair Tool


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  • All In One: Dent removal tool comes in golden dent lifter, bridge dent puller, grip slide hammer T-Bar, dent pulling tabs, professional glue sticks, and other accessories,working great on small and large dents on the car, motorcycle bodies, refrigerator, and other metal appliances.
  • Easy To Repair: Whether you are a professional or novice of paintless dent repair, Its ergonomically designed dent removers will help you pull out dents easily. Moreover, detailed instructions help you complete your repair job easily.
  • Durable And Paint Friendly: These tools made from tempered high carbon stainless steel which are durable enough to use for several years. At the bottom of this wonderful product is a soft silicone material which is paint friendly, keep and retain your car value.
  • Time & Money Saving: Paintless dent repair kits are cost-effective because they don’t take you much time to repairs, and you don’t need to repair car dents with a high cost in the auto body shop.
  • Easy To Clean: Spray some alcohol to the tab and glue, wait for about 10mins till the alcohol penetrates into the glue, then it will be removed easily with the plastic shovel. We can’t send the alcohol due to logistics restrictions. You will get 95% or 99% rubbing alcohol easily at any local pharmacy.


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Dent Repair Tool
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