Diamant Skin

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DIAMANT SKIN is professional microdermabrasion with diamond tips, practical, comfortable and effective, easy to use at home or wherever you want to take it. Just apply it on your skin and you see the results.

Its powerful system of controlled action of 5 intensities, sucks the skin, carry impurities and dead cells. An intense and pleasant massage activates circulation, favors the auto-generation of collagen and elastin for clean, smooth and renewed skin, without marks, spots or wrinkles.

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The Diamant Skin device comes with a fine diamond tip already attached to the unit. Also, it comes with an extra fine diamond point head and 2 regular diamond point heads (blue color). And also 40 filters. Select the correct diamond tip for the desired treatment. Place the filter inside the head and the latter in the ergonomic unit, as shown in the figure below. Replace the tip every 10 treatments. Replace filter after each use.

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Diamant Skin
$183.99 $137.99
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