Dr Ho Perfect Back Rest

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Perfectback Rest Features and Benefits

  • Aligns Neck, Shoulders and Back for Proper Posture
  • Massage Nubs Relieve Stress and Pressure as Needed
  • Helps Stretch Your Spine
  • Optional Cushion is Included
  • Easy to Clean

Dr. Ho’s PerfectBack Rest┬áturns any chair into an ergonomic chair. Over one thousand spines were measured to determine the perfect curvature so that everyone can use this back rest and receive the best results. This back rest is perfect for your office chair, your favorite reading chair and your car.






Dr. Ho Now PerfectBack Rest is designed to align your neck, shoulder and lower back to eliminate pain and soreness. It also helps train your body’s muscle memory to sit, stand and walk with your back aligned correctly. Improving your posture can improve your breathing and circulation keeping you healthy. The back is ventilated too so that your back can breathe and sweat does not build up.

Not only does this back rest align your back, but it massages it too. There are sixteen massaging nubs on the support that are lined up with your pressure points. This can provide an acupressure massage to help relieve stress and tension. It also helps stretch your spine when you lie down. Just set the back rest on the ground or bed and gently lay down onto it. Raise your hands above your head and feel the stretch!

In addition to helping you achieve proper posture and stretching your back, you can use this back support to maintain proper form during some work outs including crunches and bench pressing. If you have improper form while performing certain exercises, there is a risk of damage to your lower back.


An optional comfort cushion comes with the back rest. This cushion helps alleviate some discomfort that can be felt when your back is pressed against the acupressure knobs for extended periods of time. It attaches and detaches from the back support with ease by using four rubber fasteners.

If your back rest gets dirty, it is easy to clean up. Simply use warm water and soap to wipe it down.

The PerfectBack Rest by Dr. Ho comes in four colors: black, blue, pink and red.




PerfectBack Rest Specifications

  • Product Number: 3600U
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Height: 20.4 Inches
  • Width: 16.2 Inches
  • Depth: 6 Inches
  • Color: Black


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Dr Ho Perfect Back Rest
$66.99 $49.99
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