Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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  • 1°F Accurate Temp Control – With to-the-degree temperature control, you can brew your favorite coffee like a pro. By turning the dial to select the temp from the wide range between 100°F and 212°F. This is the right kettle for you to coax out the typical aroma, such as floral and citrus, from different types of beans. Even different types of tea require different temperatures.
  • Keep Warm & Mute Function – After reaching your desired temperature, the kettle will automatically hold it for 10 min, and you can extend the hold time to 120min. A large and sleek LCD display will indicate the “Set Temp” , “Real Temp” and Stopwatch to help you tracking of brewing process. The kettle features a ready tone that beeps when your water is ready. You can also press the Mute button to silence all the tones.
  • Exquisite Engineering – The electric kettle has a long gooseneck spout to ensure precise pouring and steady water flow. A balanced body build and heat-resistant handle encourage a more comfortable and longer time of pour. There is no screw in the kettle housing that makes no rust issues even after years use.
  • Pure Taste & Safe Tech – The inner kettle is made with 304 food-grade stainless steel. Comparing with other variable temp kettles, there is no silicon or plastic aside the temp sensor. Featured NTC temp sensor, the kettle will automatically shut off once the water reaches your desired temperature.
  • Quick+Quiet Heating – 1200w quickly heats up 0.5L water in just 4min. Re-programmed heating method reduce the noise when water is reaching boiling point. 

Lightweight and perfectly sized
Easy to use and light to handle,
The Kettle is the perfect size
for common kitchen needs.
It holds just enough water for three
standard cups of coffee—or two large mugs.

A pour so smooth it becomes a pleasure
A pouring experience unlike any other, based on tireless ergonomic research. The handle fits snugly into your hand and the hot water flows smoothly and cleanly from the nozzle, letting you direct the flow exactly where you want it to go. From carefully made pour-over coffee to ordinary cups of tea, this kettle is a beautiful and comfortable companion.

A gentle glow, visible from every angle
The kettle’s power light is a tiny neon tube in the handle with a unique, delicate glow that can be seen from any angle. This attention to detail helps to enrich even the few minutes it takes to boil a pot of water.

100% Stainless Steel

Unlike other kettles, Aicook gooseneck kettle has no screws on the lid, inner pot or bottom. No rust trouble and long last.

Food Grade and BPA-free

Made by food grade and bpa-free materials. No silicon or plastic in the kettle.

Steam Outlet for Safe

The outlet on the lid could reduce the pressure in the pot when heating. Easy to open and less the risk. (Be aware of steam being emitted from spout or lid especially during refilling)

Precise Pour Spout

The 0.8mm pour spout allows a slow, responsive, and predictable pour, perfect for manual brewing.


Make coffee breaks more fun

Coffee, black tea, green tea—whatever your brew of choice, BALMUDA The Kettle can put more flavor and fun into your cup.

Black Tea

Drinking black tea lets you savor the distinct character of the tea leaves, enjoying the rich aroma and gentle amber color. Using freshly boiled water with plenty of air in it helps bring out the aroma clearly.

Iced Coffee

Nothing hits the spot on a hot day like an aromatic, refreshing iced coffee, and using pour-over method is easy. There are two key points to remember: use a lot of ground coffee, and start the extraction slowly.

Drip Coffee

The drip style gives a refreshing, easy-to-drink cup suitable for many kinds of coffee. Using a beaker that shows extraction volume is a good way to create a more stable brew.


Milk Tea

Tea with a generous splash of milk has a sweetness and richness all its own. Using vat pasteurized milk allowed to reach room temperature helps preserve the flavor of the tea.

Sencha (Green tea)

Sencha is the most commonly drunk form of green tea, with a clear, simple taste that’s ideal for a quick break. Using freshly boiled water helps keep the aroma rich and full when you brew the tea.


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Electric Gooseneck Kettle
$106.65 $79.99
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