Electric Ice Scraper Glass Ice Shovel Scraper

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  • Fast, efficient and even ice removal in just one move – even with thick layers of ice
  • Compact, modern design and easy to use
  • Comfortable solution that requires little pressure when scraping ice
  • No scratches in the car window, thanks to the abrasive disc made of special plastic without glass fiber
  • Scope of delivery: electric window scraper, protective cap, charger, rotating cutting disc

No damage to the car

Thanks to the sophisticated technology, glass panes are not damaged. The special plastic composition of the abrasive disc has no glass fiber and is therefore softer than glass.

Convenient and efficient

Long scratching, chemical ice solvents and exertion are no longer necessary! With little pressure, straight lanes can be scratched from the ice. To be on the safe side, Electric Ice Scraper switches itself off automatically after 30 seconds and can be reactivated by pressing it once.

Convenient storage in the car

Ice Scraper practically fits in the glove compartment or in a side compartment in the trunk. Electric Ice Scraper can be stored at temperatures between -20 ° C and +40 ° C. However, year-round storage in the car is not recommended.

Just as quietly as before

In terms of volume, Electric Ice Scraper is as loud as a conventional ice scraper. The scratching noise is more even and thus appears even more pleasant.






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Electric Ice Scraper Glass Ice Shovel Scraper
$66.99 $49.99
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