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One vacuum cleaner for everything: Cleanliness everywhere

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  • 3 in 1 function
  • Cordless
  • Longer battery life
  • Highly efficient and powerful
  • Exchangeable battery
  • V-Tunnel power brush

INVICTUS M5 – One vacuum cleaner for everything:

One cordless vacuum cleaner, a world of possibilities: No matter whether you want to remove crumbs from the dinner table, stubborn pet hair from the sofa or dirt from the stairs, bathroom or underneath furniture. Thanks to the latest technology and the innovative 3 in 1 function the INVICTUS M5 permits clean results every time.

The 3-in-1 design of the INVICTUS M5 combines the functions of an upright vacuum cleaner, a flexible articulated and rotating vacuum and a handheld cleaner in one appliance, allowing countless possible uses.

Clean results every time

The Secret is It’s 3 Vacuum Cleaners in 1

Instant Transitions

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Invictus M5 can switch between a combination of the functions in just a flick of the wrist or a press of a button:

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

2. A Flexible Articulated and Rotating Vacuum

3. A Handheld Cleaner

All in one appliance, allowing countless possible uses.



Indoor and outdoor

For cleaning all indoor and outdoor floorings.

Handheld cleaner

Removable handheld unit for cleaning of tables, kitchenettes, upholstery and many other things.

V-tunnel power brush

Special intake ports for coarse dirt and large quantities.

Rechargeable 25.2 V Lithium-ion battery

60 minutes of vacuum cleaning for approx. 400 m². If you need to continue cleaning, simply replace the battery.

Easy emptying

Easy emptying without getting in touch with dirt and dust and no expensive bag changes.

Free-standing function

Switch off anywhere and pick up immediately where you left off.

Charging station with self-cleaning function

Fully-automated brush cleaning – for fast and hygienic brush cleaning without handling the brush.

1. Battery-powered vacuum cleaner

The battery-powered vacuum cleaner ensures optimum results for all types of carpet, tile, wood and stone flooring.

The motorized power brush removes dirt from the floor and combines with special V-tunnel suction openings to ensure perfect cleaning. The 180° rotating swivel head lets you comfortably clean around all furniture.

2. Battery-powered, articulated and rotating vacuum cleaner

Effortless vacuum cleaning: The smart design of this flexible and rotating battery-powered vacuum cleaner lets you thoroughly and easily clean difficult areas like underneath beds and low-standing furniture.

3. Battery-powered handheld cleaner

Maximum flexibility: Attachable accessories make vacuum cleaning even more practical and leave no areas out of bounds, not even upholstery or corners. Clean curtains, furniture, cars and hard-to-reach places, and remove pet hair from upholstery. You can even quickly remove crumbs from the table and cobwebs from the ceiling.

Charging station with self-cleaning function

Fully-automated brush cleaning:

Hairs and fibres that have got wrapped around the brush are cut with a special end-to-end blade and then vacuumed up – for fast and hygienic brush cleaning without handling the brush

  • 3 in 1 function
  • DC motor with 160 Watt and up to 35.000 r.p.m.
  • Operating time: max. 60 min
  • (in boost mode: 20 min)
  • 2 times filter, incl. cyclone filter
  • Exchangeable 25.2 V Li-Ion battery with Samsung cells
  • Battery charging time: 4-5 h
  • Dust container capacity: approx. 0.5 l
  • Incl. 4 LED spotlights




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