Lower Back Posture Corrector

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  • SITTING SUPPORT: One of the best places to use the Lower Back Posture Corrector is at the computer or desk. Focus more at work and less on lower back pains caused by slouching.
  • LUMBAR SUPPORT: Relieves tension on the spine and hips through posture correction. Pressure from the knees provides spine realignment. In doing so, the spine is stacked upright, and pressure on the discs from slouching is released.
  • POSTURE CORRECTOR: When used, the lower back is supported and pulled forward using leverage from the knees. It reeducates the muscles and introduces muscle memory if used everyday.
  • PORTABILITY: Chirp Lower Back Posture Corrector has built in zippers that transforms it into a small bag that you can easily travel with, fits in carry on bags, duffle bags, other big bags. Carry it wherever you go.

relieves tension spine hips posture correction muscles good posture stabilize pelvis provides lumbar

Relieves Tension on the Spine and Hips Through Posture Correction

The Lower Back is Supported and Pulled Forward Using Leverage From the Knees

Reeducates Muscles to Keep Good Posture, Stabilizes Your Pelvis and Provides Lumbar Support


Zip out the bag and put the padded part against your lower back just above your tailbone. Suspend the 2 straps against your knees, one in each knee. Straps are adjustable to preffered pull pressure.


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Lower Back Posture Corrector
$63.99 $45.99
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