Original MiracleSofa – Single Color Universal Sofa & Cushion Cover


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Our Vibrant And Stretchable Sofa Cover Will Breathe New Life Into Your Sofa And Protect It From Spills, Cats, Dogs, And Naughty Kids!

Whether you have a new sofa that you don’t want to get ruined or a second-hand sofa that needs a face-lift, our covers save you money and they’re easy to fit and take care of.
Before you spend a fortune having a sofa reupholstered or just throw the whole thing away, consider one of our amazing MiracleSofa™ Covers.
The fabric of this sofa cover stretches to fit even hard-to-cover sofas and is designed to stay in place.

The Ultimate Cover-Up!

  • Super Soft and Skin Friendly – The Miracle Sofa Covers are soft to the touch and offer a new level of comfort!

  • High-Quality Fabric – Made of high-quality fabric 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, Making a very secure and snug fit.
  • Hard Wearing – Made from durable material that’s ideal for protecting your sofa.
  • Super easy to wash – Simply chuck it in the Washing machine!

A New Sofa In Less Than A Minute!

  • Super Easy to install – Dummy Proof!
  • It literally takes less than a minute to turn your old Sofa into your new Favorite Sofa!
  • Simply Stretch & Pull over your Sofa, tie it up on the bottom, and tuck in the Edges – done!

Perfect For Households With Pets

  • Protects your Sofa from Pets with claws and sharp teeth –The MiracleSofa Cover is made from strong, hardwearing materials!
  • Super soft and not slippery – Your cats & dogs will love it!
  • Easy to remove and wash – In case your cats or dogs bring in the dirt, or decided to empty themselves on the Sofa again!

Fits Every Type & Kind Of Sofa!

  • Vibrant Colors – Designs in multiple colors that will give your interior a major focal point to upgrade your living space.
  • Simply choose the correct size using the chart – Please make sure to measure the armrests too!
  • Works for LoveseatsSectionals, L-Shapes, and any other type of Sofa!

How To Install The MiracleSofa

1. Position the MiracleSofa™ cover over the sofa with the label at the back
2. Pull the cover over the sofa in the right direction
3. Secure the slipcover by tying it underneath with strings
4. Tuck foam sticks or cloth strip into the gap of the sofa

How Many Do I Need?

Depending on the size of your sofa, you might need multiple pieces to cover your whole sofa. We recommend getting a separate cover for each individual sofa piece you would like to cover.

So for an L-Shaped Sofa, for example, we recommend getting 2 separate pieces in the correct sizes. (e.g. 2 seater + 3 seater).

Pillowcases are not included when purchasing a cover and have to be added to the cart separately.


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Original MiracleSofa - Single Color Universal Sofa & Cushion Cover
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