Premium 11 in. Stainless Steel Nonstick Frying Pan

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Product Overview

The Fry Pan is 100% scratch resistant, so go right ahead and use those metal utensils. Its combination cooking surface has a stainless steel pattern that rises above the non-stick surface. Specially designed for perfectly balancing heat distribution throughout the entire surface of the pan, the difference is that you can sear and brown foods like a prowithout any sticking. Feel free to use it in the oven without incident. Its smart 3-ply construction (stainless/aluminum/stainless) will last far longer than conventional non-stick cookware, and it can be used on any heat source, including induction ovens. The pan also features an ergonomically designed handle, and is dishwasher safe. The Swiss ILAG coating is PFOA, lead, cadmium, and heavy metal free.
State of the art

textured steel pixels rise above the non-stick to create a scratch resistant surface and allow for perfect cooking every time

100% scratch resistant

cooks like stainless steel with the advantages of non-stick cleanup; metal utensil safe-won’t scratch or alter cooking surface

3-ply construction

stainless/aluminum/stainless; suitable for all cooktops including induction

Oven safe

PFOA, lead, cadmium and heavy metal free coating longer lasting than typical non-stick dishwasher safe


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Premium 11 in. Stainless Steel Nonstick Frying Pan
$75.32 $56.49
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