Protect Your Family with Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ Air Purifier!

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Protect Your Family with Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ Air Purifier!


Airborne germs and bacteria are everywhere. With the Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ Air Purifier you can start breathing cleaner, healthier, and fresher smelling air instantly!















Zaahn’s UV-C Rays Kill Airborne Germs & Bacteria*
Using similar technology trusted by hospitals, Zaahn UV Clean & Pure’s™ turbine airflow drives contaminated air into the internal chamber where powerful UVC waves neutralize and kill odor causing bacteria and germs.



UV-C Light – Kills airborne germs and bacteria to provide you with cleaner, fresher smelling air.
Turbine Airflow – Drives potentially harmful airborne germs into main chamber.
Filterless Operation – No expensive messy filters to clean or replace – ever!
Whisper Quiet – Use the Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ while you sleep.
No Batteries – No expensive batteries, Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ plugs into any outlet.
Powerful Compact Portable Design – Fits anywhere and modern style looks great everywhere!
One unit covers over 100 cubic feet of space
Energy efficient





Compact But Wonderful!

NO Fliter to Change!

No battereies Needed!

Perfect for Travel!





Breathe Easier in EVERY ROOM!
Use Zaahn UVClean&Pure all over your home.Just plug it in and start breathing fresher air immediately.


Get Peace of Mind at an Affordable Price
Keeping your family safe from germs and bacteria is on top of everyone’s mind. No matter how much you clean your home, there are literally hundreds of sources of potentially harmful germs.

No BatteriesPet SafeChild SafeKills Germs and Destroys Odor-Causing Bacteria*Kills Germs and Destroys Odor-Causing Bacteria*No Filters

The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ Air Purifier gives you peace of mind as it kills airborne germs and bacteria and gives your family cleaner, healthier air.



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Protect Your Family with Zaahn UV Clean & Pure™ Air Purifier!
$133.32 $99.99
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