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  • Saves time so you have more time for other things.
  • Low height – can clean under furniture.
  • Stair sensor – avoids stairs and falls.
  • Clean in corners and in inaccessible places.
  • Works on all floor types – wood floors, tiles, carpets, and more.

    RoboPal – simply a smart solution!
    Spend less time on housework, and more time on living!
    • User-friendly and quiet.
    • You do not need to move the furniture, RoboPal ™ comes under tables, chairs, and sofas.
    • Effectively removes animal hair.
    • Clean along skirting boards.
    • Smart Sense technology knows where the vacuum cleaner can go and where it can not go.
    • Runs over unevenness in the floors and carpet transitions.
    • A cleaner, healthier home.
    User-friendly one-touch programming with three modes to choose from.

    RoboPal ™ gets the cleaning away, even when you are not at home.

    Come home to clean floors every day. With RoboPal ™ you can choose between three pre-programmed modes that allow RoboPal ™ to clean when you are not at home. With Smart Sense technology, RoboPal avoids furniture and stairs, and it will not get stuck. You can count on it to do a good job – every day.


    Just press start, RoboPal does the rest!
    Dual brush system – collects dust, even in the corners
    Carpet for floor – works on all surfaces
    Microfiber cloth – helps to clean and polish the floors
    Built-in sensor – avoids stairs and obstacles
    Easy programming – three preset programs
    Low height – can clean under furniture
    VDC Rechargeable
    NIMH Battery
    Minute Run Time
    Simple One-Touch Programs
    Optical Sensors
    Powerful Brushes
    RPM Motor
    The smart, affordable choice for single cleaning!
    Clean for yourself so you can do other things.

    “I used to take out the dust mop to remove the dog hair and dust from the wooden floor. Now I can just start RoboPal ™ and then do the RoboPal ™ job for me.

    – Susan S.

    “It was my job to wash the floors. And there are other things I would rather do. Now RoboPal is doing the job for me. I can spend my time on other things. It’s amazing!”

    – James F.

    “There is hair everywhere! Hair from me, my son, my husband, and the dog gather everywhere. And RoboPal ™ is always there to remove the hair from the floor.”

    – Gillian E.


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Robo Pal
$174.99 $130.99
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