Sharper Image Heated Physiotherapy Massager

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Ease your persistent joint pain!

The Heated Physiotherapy Massager gives you a combination of heat, vibration massage and magnet therapy to help ease aches and stiffness.

It incorporates infrared light/heat, powerful magnets (2 x 1,000 gauss) plus vibration massage to soothe and comfort your elbow, shoulder or knee. Features adjustable heat (up to 149°F) plus independently controlled vibration (7,000 rpm). Includes three adjustable straps to fit men and women and a protective pad.

• Recommended for swelling, stiffness, pain, movement disorders, muscle atrophy and permanent joint dysfunction

• Vibration massage (7,000 rpm)

• Magnetic therapy (2 magnets, 1,000 gauss each)

• Infrared light and heat therapy (700-50,000nm wavelength)

• 4 infrared lights (not visible to the human eye)

• 6 tungsten warming lights (700-50,000nm wavelength)

• Heat penetrates deep into the joints, shoulder, elbow or muscles

• Temperature range: (104°F to 149°F)

• Temperature memory (repeats the same setting you selected last time)

• Infrared light/Heat therapy and vibration massage are independently controlled

• Auto shutoff timer (30 minutes)

• Includes 3 adjustable straps for elbow, shoulder and knee

• Includes a protective pad (in case extra material between skin and the item is desired)

• Fits knees up to 20” circumference

• Comfortable, padded body

• One size fits most

• Plugs into an AC outlet

PLEASE NOTE: This is a personal care item and is returnable if in its original unopened packaging and unused condition. Contains magnets. Not for use by those with a pacemaker.


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Sharper Image Heated Physiotherapy Massager
$149.99 $99.99
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