SmithShaper® PRO Strength Ab Squat Rider

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The SmithShaper® PRO Ab Squat Rider (Model SS-PRO-01) is our professional strength body weight resistance rolling exerciser. This robust and durable multipurpose device can be used indoors orutdoors to target and develop butt, legs, waist, quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lower and upper back, chest, arms and shoulder muscles. TWENTY-FIVE different exercises are possible on the patented SmithShaper exerciser making this home workout solution far more versatile than a host of ab machines, ab rollers, ab wheels, ab rockers or twister boards. Although the primary focus for most fans of the SmithShaper exerciser pertains to squats for lower body muscle development, the exerciser is also great for building and strengthening core and upper body muscles. A 20-inch x 16-inch instruction sheet illustrating all SmithShaper exercises is included in each package.


Squats are king for a reason as the SmithShaper exerciser is the world’s only wearable workout device for perfect posture squats. Squats are an excellent way to strengthen and sculpt lower-body muscles including glutes (butt muscles), hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. Best of all, consistently working these large muscle groups will improve your metabolism and thus increase caloric burn. The SmithShaper exerciser rolls against any wall enabling a high number of dual leg or single leg (advanced) squat repetitions. This is more than would be achievable by the same person doing traditional squats. Performing the SmithShaper “Power Squats” exercise is a safer alternative than traditional squats, which can lead to, or aggravate, back and knee injuries.




The SmithShaper PRO Exerciser adds stability to your fitness routine as the wheels roll in a straight unified direction, back and forth in whatever direction it’s pointed. The exerciser was designed to sit low to the floor, which helps to provide a safe, consistent, steady and natural exercise motion. This helps to ensure your workouts on the SmithShaper Exerciser are productive. The six non-marking wheels on the device have been engineered and tested to be safe for use on the fine walls or floors in your home or fitness center. This compact and portable fitness solution is perfect for travel. Take it to work or anywhere to complete your daily workout. It’s especially great for times like this when not all gyms are open.

The SmithShaper® PRO Ab Squat Rider does four things better than other non-SmithShaper portable exercisers

1 Beginners can TRULY & EASILY carve six pack abs. Forearms can be used when doing AB ROLLS on the Ab Squat Rider. This is NOT possible on any other type of single or multi-wheel ab roller or ab wheel. With the Ab Squat Rider a strong core or strong shoulders are NOT REQUIRED to immediately start doing ab roll-outs to shape & carve your abs / abdominal muscles.

2 The Ab Squat Rider is the world’s only wearable workout device for performing perfect posture rolling wall squats. Squats are the best exercise to strengthen & sculpt all lower-body muscles. The Ab Squat Rider rolls against a wall making it easier to targeting quadriceps, hamstrings & glutei. FAR MORE REPS are possible compared to the same person doing regular squats. Power Squats on the Ab Squat Rider are less risky to your knees and back than traditional squats. This is because the device and the wall combine to enforce good posture and they also help to offset the squat exercise load forces upon the knees and back.

3 The exercise versatility, effectiveness and flexibility afforded by the device make it an excellent candidate for integration in your own personal, Tabata, Cross-fit or HIIT program. Unlike myriad exercise gimmicks and gadgets, the Ab Squat Rider is the real deal. It will help serious users develop butt, legs, waist, quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lower and upper back, chest, arms and shoulder muscles.

4 The Ab Squat Rider’s low profile, flat surface area and unified rolling direction make the platform more stable and predictable than similar floor exercisers that use office chair wheels that lead to instability and spin in all directions. In other words, the unified rolling motion of the Ab Squat Rider results in more productive workouts. It’s important to note that the Ab Squat Rider’s six non-marking wheels where engineered to be safe for use on the fine walls and floors of your home or office.

The included SmithShaper® Super Pad Kneeling Pad provides comfortable knee protection when doing ab rolls and other floor exercises.


• BE SAFE – Workout at Home! 25 exercises are possible on the SmithShaper® PRO Ab Squat Rider. Enables EASY and HIGH REPS of Ab Rolls, Squats & more! Free Video online – Illustrated Exercise Poster included.

• The ONLY workout device enabling beginners to do EASY abdominal roll-outs to carve and cut six pack abs because forearms can be used to perform the ab roll exercise. Not possible with ab wheels, ab roller, etc.

• MORE squat reps are possible on the SmithShaper® PRO Ab Squat Rider than any other form of squat routine and it’s SAFER too. It reduces the chance of knee & back injuries that can occur with regular squats.

• Perfect for exercise variety. Add the Ab Squat Rider to your Tabata, HIIT & Cross-fit workouts. Use indoor & outdoors. Great for a full body workout when you can’t make it to the gym. Improve your body in 8 weeks with regular use and a healthy diet.

• 1 SmithShaper PRO Multi-purpose Exerciser (Model SS-PRO-01)
• 1 Pair of hook & loop elastic straps that can be easily adjusted to fit all body types
• 1 User Manual (reverse side includes an illustrated 20-inch x 16-inch exercise instruction sheet explaining all twenty-five SmithShaper exercises)

• Lightweight, Portable and Compact – can be used indoors or outdoors on sturdy flat surfaces
• Six non-marking Thermo-Plastic Rubber wheels and dual ABEC 5 precision bearings on all six wheels, reduces noise, provides added durability and a Maximum Weight Capacity of 400 lb. (Model SS-PRO-01 only)
• Durable ABS constructed housing
• Dual Carbon Fiber Axles
• Wide surface area
• Assembly is NOT required

• Model No: SS-PRO-01 | Maximum Weight Capacity: 400 lb. / 182 kg for one user at a time | Measures: 12.25 in. x 11 in. x 2.5 in. | Weight: 2.6 lb.


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SmithShaper® PRO Strength Ab Squat Rider
$97.06 $72.80
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