The Innovative Massage Mat for Fast Relief From Aching Feet, Ankles, Calves, and Legs!

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The Innovative Massage Mat for Fast Relief From Aching Feet, Ankles, Calves, and Legs!

Reduce Stress and Get Relaxed with Your Own Personal Foot Massage Device!


Revitalize Your Body While at Rest

IT is a portable electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) device that is perfectly suited for anyone wanting an easy way to manage their recurring foot and leg pain. The mat includes a handy control with various program modes and intensities which contract and relax your muscles through the soles of your feet. If you’re looking to de-stress after a tough day, relax is the way to go.

Reenergize Your Legs for Maximum Comfort

Maintain Your Body and Mind

Even if you don’t suffer from a chronic medical condition, your feet are subject to plenty of wear and tear daily. IT improves your body’s circulation for healthier feet, ankles, Achilles tendons, calf muscles, and more. Stimulating your muscles also lowers your overall stress.

Sleep Better

Like any good massage, IT releases built-up muscle tension which puts your body’s internal mechanisms to work. Although massage isn’t a proper substitute for regular exercise, it does result in your body wanting to replenish itself with ample rest. Say goodbye to restless nights with LaidBack!

Worry-Free Operation

Gone are the days of noisy handheld massage gadgets, bulky foot baths, and clumsy items you have to stick your feet in. With our product, all you have to do is place your feet on the mat and turn it on. Sit back and read a book, check your email, or watch TV. our massage pad targets your trouble spots from the bottom of your feet.

Your Feet Deserve to be Pampered

It is the perfect way to relax after a day of work or a day of fun! Cordless, compact, and lightweight, IT is the portable massage unit you can take with you anywhere! The durable mat accommodates men and women of all ages. Whether you are an athlete in training or a senior who experiences cold, tingly feet at home, LaidBack delivers fast-acting relief for any number of painful symptoms. With the push of a button, you’ll have your very own high-tech foot massage. No appointment necessary!

How to Use LaidBack

Lay out the mat on a flat surface.Place your bare feet onto the designated areas.Turn it on with the control and select the mode and intensity that’s right for you.Sit back and relax.


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The Innovative Massage Mat for Fast Relief From Aching Feet, Ankles, Calves, and Legs!
$105.25 $78.94
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