Velform Contour Sonic

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  • Shapes any part of the body.
  • Helps fight cellulite / orange peel.
  • Helps reduce fat and volume in a simple, powerful, effective, and easy way.
  • Helps eliminate sagging legs, arms and abdomen.
  • Improves the texture and firmness of the skin.
  • Each treatment area can be done 10 minutes every two days.
  • Cash and safe.
  • Solution to reduce fat.
  • 2 ultrasound powers.
  • LCD screen with 10 minute timer.
  • Massage function.
  • Infrared light for cellulite, and skin treatment.

The Contour Sonic Pro isa powerful anti-cellulite device operating on a revolutionary technology : ultrasonic cavitation .
It is extremely difficult to eliminate localized fat, accumulated by the body over the years. The waves of ultrasound, they,easily broken fat cells. They will then bedissolvedandeliminated naturally by the body.

An easy and efficient technique. The Contour Sonic ,in its pro version,also offers an infrared function ; foran addition of beneficial heat . As well as a massage function , to accelerate the destruction of fatty deposits.

The combination of these 3 functions produces an explosive result . To try urgently!

Do not use the sonic contour pro in case of pregnancy , heart problems , silicone implants , skin diseases .


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Velform Contour Sonic
$186.99 $139.99
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